**FIRST INSTALLMENT** SUMMER SPECIAL FOR SEPTEMBER 2020 English group – PanAmerican Language

Take advantage of the SUMMER SPECIAL for AUGUST 2020! Valid only until July 31st. CLICK HERE.

*PRIMER PAGO* Curso de INGLÉS Septiembre 2020 - PALI Kids (6-12) | PALI Teens (13-17) | (Precio Plan de pago $545)

**FIRST INSTALLMENT** SUMMER SPECIAL FOR SEPTEMBER 2020 English group course - PALI Kids (6-12) | PALI Teens (13-17)

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**VALID ONLY UNTIL JULY 31, 2020** Thirty-two lesson course (24hrs) of English Language Training for PALI Kids (6-12) | PALI Teens (13-17). It includes Progress Report, Final Report and, if the student meets the requirements, the Certificate.

Candidate must be evaluated to determine the level of knowledge in order to be able to place him/her in the available days and time. This payment DOES NOT complete the registration process. As soon as we receive the signed Admission Ticket by the student, then he/she will have a reserved seat.

  1. PAYMENT PLAN ($825):  You will have a first payment of $270.00 plus three monthly installments of $185.00. The payment plan has a $50 fee that is included in this breakdown.  To apply for the Payment Plan, you must provide two (2) separate accounts as collateral (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, check, deposit slip, or bank statement). It is important that these guarantees are not from the same account. For example, you cannot bring an ATM with a VISA logo + an Account Statement from that same account. You must bring all documents and a valid ID when filling out the Payment Plan Contract. This payment plan is NOT available for Corporations.